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We provide all book keeping, accounting, payroll, and business consultancy services. We provide services mainly to small companies, individuals, partnerships, charities etc. Our services include the following

Book keeping
Book keeping is a vital process in the business information process. A small mistake in recording business transactions can be costly as it could trigger a penalty or produce a wrong trading result which will make you pay more tax. Therefore we recommend that bookkeeping should only be done by persons who have adequate knowledge in the accountancy principles and accounting standards. Knowing tax rules and compliance requirements is an added qualification to a bookkeeper.

At Seacom Services (Accountancy) Ltd, all bookkeeping jobs are done by persons who have professional knowledge and are supervised by a professional accountant.

We provide bookkeeping services to small businesses and individuals. Our bookkeeping clients include corner shops, village stores, dentists, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, and other professional services, employment intermediaries, travel agencies, Hair and beauty salons, Taxi Service providers, Online and EBay sellers, Textile shops, Event Management, Movie production and distribution company, Videography and photography, Insurance agents, Educational institutions, book publishers, Charities, Exporters, etc.

We use Sage, Kashflow and QuickBooks software to record the business transactions of our clients. We can buy, set up and maintain the accounting software for you, and we offer the lowest possible price.

Contact us for a specific quote that suits your requirement.

Accounting of business transactions and preparation of financial statements is a complex matter. Whatever your accounting software providers tell you, it needs an expert knowledge of various accounting standards and principles. Tax laws and rules also has a lot to do with the preparation of accounts and financial statements. Unless you know both accounting and tax rules it is advisable to entrust the work to a professional accountant.

As accountants, we provide bespoke accounting services that suits the needs of our clients. We prepare annual / Statutory accounts and tax returns. We also undertake periodical management accounting and reporting.

Do you think you need the service of an accountant who is accessible to you at any time and affordable for your finances <contact us>

Compliance with tax rules and laws is an important reason that businesses should keep accurate business records and prepare their accounts without major mistakes. Tax can be costlier than tax itself unless you comply with the tax rules and compliance requirements. We help the clients to prepare the correct tax returns and its timely submissions. We try our best to produce the correct tax return by acquiring all the information needed, considering all the reliefs and possible tax savings. We prepare and submit the tax returns for companies (corporation tax return), individuals and partnerships (Self-assessment tax return), Trust (trust tax return) and Non-Residents.

It is not just a company or a self-employed individual who has to file a tax return. Any person who answer yes to any of the questions below must submit a tax return.

Are you a limited company director, or a self-employed Individual or a partner in partnership business or do you have Rental income or Capital gain or do you receive child benefit and either your or your spouse’s income is more than £50000.00 or is your income above £150000.00, or do you have Dividend income of more than £5000.00 or do you have any other income above £1000.00 or does the HMRC send you a tax return notice, if yes to any of the questions, then you must file a tax return. We prepare and submit the following tax returns

  • Corporation Tax return (CT600)
  • Self-Assessment tax return for Individuals and Sole traders (SA100)
  • Partnership tax return (SA800)
  • Trust Tax return (SA900)
  • Tax return for Non-Residents (SA109)
  • Tax return for Minister of Religion SA102M)
Need to file a tax return? <contact us> for a specific quote that suits your requirement.

Businesses should compulsorily register for VAT, if their VAT chargeable turnover in the consecutive twelve months exceeds the registration Limit, which is currently £83000.00. (2016-17). This limit may change slightly each year as per the budget proposals. Businesses should register within one month in which they are liable to register. If they don’t register with in the time limit, penalty to the maximum of 15% of the Vat due for the period of delay will be charged.

Sometimes having VAT registration voluntarily will be beneficial to your business, depending upon the type of your business and who are your customers.

We provide VAT registration, Quarterly returns, and advise on VAT related matters.

Payroll and Auto Enrolment
We provide payroll services to all small and medium sized companies / businesses. We can undertake weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payroll processing. We offer the lowest rate possible for payroll processing. We also provide services in connection with the registration of your business with pension regulator, help you with your auto enrolment and pension duties as an employer, set up pension provider’s account and other auto enrolment services.

If you are looking for payroll service provider, please <contact us> for a quote

Business Consultancy
We offer various business consultancy and start up services to those who wish to commence a business in the United Kingdom. When you decide to start a new business or to buy an existing business, it will be very confusing and you may find it difficult to make decisions regarding the status of the business, what are the various registrations and licences needed, how to pay the employees, what taxes you should pay, whether to register for VAT or not, When to start an employee pension Scheme, how to prepare a business plan, how to get an EORI number, how to register a company, whether I need a business bank account, how can I take dividend from my company, can I take salary from my company, what are the tax reliefs and benefits available etc. We will guide you through all these aspects and help you make the right decision. We can help you with the following while you start a business and during the running that business.

Limited Company registration
We provide company registration service at a fee as cheap as £25.00. We will advise you what are the requirements to register a company and its merits and demerits.

Wish to register a limited company? <contact us>

Self-Employment Registration
If you wish to work as a self-employed or as a sole trader, you must register with HMRC within three months of the commencement of the business or self-employment. You must register with HMRC if you think that you should file a self-assessment tax return. We will help you with your self- employment and self-assessment registration with HMRC.

We provide free self-employment and self -assessment registration services to our contracted clients.

Wish to register for self-employment or self-assessment? <contact us>

VAT registration
Do you think that your business should be registered for VAT or registering VAT is beneficial to your business, or do you think that you need an EORI number?
We can help you with your VAT registration and get an EORI number for your business.
We provide free VAT registration services to our contracted clients.
Need to register your business for VAT? <contact us>

PAYE registration
If you employee someone who is paid above the lower earing limit, you should register as an employer for the PAYE and should process your payroll and submit RTI whenever you make a payment to your employees.

We provide free PAYE registration services to our contracted payroll clients.

SEIS and EIS schemes
The Government encourages people to invest in small United Kingdom companies by offering tax refunds based on their investments in approved small companies registered under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) or Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). You can get a refund of up to 50 % in SEIS and up to 30 % in EIS. The procedure for getting the tax relief is tedious and you may need an expert guidance on what to do and when to do etc. We will help your new company to Check whether it is eligible for any of these reliefs and if eligible we will help you to submit the application for HMRC prior approval, share issue and issue of certificate etc.

Wanted to know more about SEIS and EIS <Contact us>

Registered office and Mail Forwarding Services
Many people who has a Limited company, but do not have a commercial address opt to register their company using our Registered office service. Your company will be registered at our address or the registered office address of your company can be changed to our address. This will keep your residential address off from public domain and you will have more privacy. No more unwanted commercial and marketing mails to your residential address. Having a business in your residential property may also affect the council rates and insurance charges.
The fee for the registered office address service is only £50.00 per year. Thinking of changing your registered office address? <Contact us>

Mail Forwarding
If you have your registered office address at our premises, we will collect all letters and posts send to this address for your company. You can either collect these letters from our office or we will forward it you, either opened or unopened depending up on the agreement with you in this regard The fee for mail forwarding you £40.00 per month plus actual cost of postage (Advance deposit needed for postage which should be topped up when finished).
Instead of forwarding the letters, we can send you a scan copy (if you agree to open) of the letters with no additional fee.

Business Plan
A business plan is a formal statement of your plan to commence a business, its goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. It a very important statement for a business as it shows the detailed plan of the entrepreneur about how the business will be commenced, what are the resources it has, what are the capital requirements, what assets to be bought, what are the sources of funds, what growth is expected etc. It also contains projected profitability and cashflow statements. Bankers and other financial institutions will ask you to produce a detailed business plan when you approach them for a loan or finance.

Preparation of business plan involves lot of technical knowledge and seeking an expert’s help will increase your chance for getting a bank loan or finance. Lot of loan applications are turned down by bankers due to lack of proper business plan or unsatisfactory business plan.

We can prepare your business plan that suits the requirements of the financiers with good presentation and ample information that help the financiers to make a decision.

Post office Business Plan and Presentation
If you are looking for to acquire a post office operator licence, you should submit your business plan to the royal mail business agent licencing team. If your business plan is satisfactory you will be called for an interview. In the interview, you should do a presentation.

We have helped many people acquire the post office licence by preparing and submitting their post office business plan and helping them with the presentation and providing tips for interview Our post office business plan and presentation package cost you only £400.00 but provide you a great peace of mind and take the burden of preparing the tedious business plan and presentation off from you.

Are you going to apply for a Post Office Operator Licence? <contact us> for a post business plan and presentation package.

Charity Registration, Accounts, Independent Examination, and Gift Aid
All charities in the UK which have an annual income of £5000.00 or above should register the charity with the Charity Commission. Even if the income is below £5000.00, it is advisable to register your charity with charity commission as it will make your charity eligible for gift aid. HMRC normally approves the charitable purposes of your charity, if it is registered with the charity commission. We provide charity registration services for a fee of £250.00. We also undertake preparation of annual accounts of the charity and independent examination of the accounts of the charity Wanted to register a Charity or to do the accounts or an independent examination? <contact us>

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